Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sharira trayam -2

           Today, we  shall  try  to see  the  sukshma  shariram  from  four  different  aspects.  The  subtle  body  is  born  out of  subtle  matter  consisting  of five  subtle  elements namely: subtle  space,  air,  fire, water  and  earth. . It  is  called  bautika  sariram. . This  subtle  body  has  19  components. . Each  is  an  instrument  of  transaction  . These  19  instruments  are  five  sense  organs,  the  pancha  jnanendriyas -eyes,  ears,  nose  , tongue  and  skin. . These  form  the  subtle  power  of  perception. . Then  come the  five  organs  of  action  ,the  karmendriyas  . They  are  the organ  of  speech, , hands,  legs  organ  of  evacuation  and  organ  of  procreation. . The jnanendriyas  are  meant  to  receive  stimuli  from the  external  world  and  the  karmendriyas  are  meant  to  give  their  responses. 

    Then  come  the  pancha  pranas  with  five  fold  functions  :  the  respiratory system  prana-   inhalation  and  exhalation,  ,  apana-evacuating  system  and  vyana ,the   circulatory  system,   samana ,the  digestive  system,  ,  and  udana  the  reversing  system  which  operates  at  the  time  of  death  of  the  gross  body. . Next  come  the  fourfold  internal  organs  -  mind which  is  the  seat  of  all  emotions  and  the  doubting  faculty  in  us, the  intellect  -the  rational  or  judging  or  discriminating  faculty in  us,  cittam-memory  which  records  all  our  experiences  in the  mind.   and  the  ego  is  the  fourth  faculty  in us , which  is  the  faculty  of  self-reference  ,due  to  which  we  have    ahankara  and  mamakara. .
     The  sukshma  sariram  is  subject  to  change   but  compared  to  the  sthula  sariram  , they  have  a  longer  life  and  they  continue  their  journey  after  the  death  of  the  gross body   in a  new  body. . It  is  only  during  pralayam  that  this  subtle  body  is  destroyed  .  Unlike  the  gross  body  which  can  be  perceived  by  oneself  and  also  by  others  , the  subtle  body  is  visible  only  for  oneself  and  not  for  others. . None  can  see  my  feelings  or  my  thoughts  and  thus  nature  protects  my  privacy  !

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