Thursday, 5 January 2017

The avasta traya sakshi .

           The  three  states  of  experience  are  jagrat  avasta-  the waking  state   ,  swapna  avasta  - the  dream  state   and  sushupti  avasta.- the  deep  sleep  state.   When  the  Consciousness  functions  through  the  microcosm  in the   the  gross  body   of  the  individual  , it  takes  the  form  of  the  waker ,  vishva  in  Sanskrit. . When  the  Consciousness  functions  through   the   microcosm in the   subtle  body   of  the  individual , it  takes  the  form of  the  dreamer,  the  taijasa  .   When  Consciousness  functions  through  the  microcosm  in   the  causal  body   of the  individual , it  becomes  a  deep  sleeper  ,the  pragnya . . All  through  our  life  , we  are  in  one  of  the  three  states   and  while  we  are  in the  waking  state  ,we  think  that   only the  external  world  we  get  to  experience  is  real.   But  when  we  are  in the  dream  state  , we  think  only  this  dream  world  is  real. . In  the  deep  sleep  state  there  is  total  ignorance  of  oneself  and  also  of  the  world. 

        The  Supreme  Consciousness , passing  through  the  gross,  subtle  and  causal  bodies,  assumes  the  forms  of  the  limited  waker,  dreamer  and  deep  sleeper. . Sastras  say  that,  in truth  we  are  beyond  all  the  three  states  of  experience  and  we  are  the  avasta  traya  sakshi . It  is  called   the  fourth  state  -Turiyam,  the  state  that  transcends  all  the  three  states.  . When  the  Consciousness  functions  through  the   macrocosm in the   total   gross  bodies , it becomes  the  cosmic  waker, the  Virat, and  the  Consciousness  functioning  through  the   macrocosm in  the   total subtle  bodies  , it  becomes  the  cosmic  dreamer  ,  the  Hiranyagarbha   and  the  Consciousness  functioning  through  the  macrocosm  in the   total   causal  bodies  , it  is  called  the  cosmic  sleeper. , the  Isvara . 

       The  microcosm  is  like  a drop of  water  and  the  macrocosm  is  like  the  ocean. . But  both  are  water  only . . He  who  sees  water in the  drop  and  also  in the  ocean  , understands  that  everything  is  nothing  but  water  only. . Similarly,  the  one  who  realises  the  Self  within  ,  the  Turiyam  , the  fourth  state  ,  realises  that  the  Consciousness  around  the  microcosm  and  the  macrocosm  are  one  and  the  same. 



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