Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Creation -part 1.


                   How  does  the  universe or  creation  come about and  what  was  there  before  the  creation  of  the  universe  ,are  some  of  the  questions  that  would  definitely  come  to any  seeker  of  knowledge . The  law  of  conservation  of  matter  and  energy  states  that  nothing  can  be  created  nor  destroyed. According  to  Vedanta  , creation  refers  only  to  the  manifestation  of  something  that  was  potentially  in an  unmanifest  condition. and  destruction  refers  to  that  which  goes  back  to  its  unmanifest  condition  from  a manifest  condition. . This  means  that  it  is  only  that  which  is  potentially   existing in   dormant form  can  be  manifested.  Before  the  cosmos  originated  , it  must  have  existed  in  seed  form  in  an  unmanifest  state. . Manifestation  is  that  which  is  available  for  our  perception  or  transaction.  and  that  which  is  not  available  for  our  perception  or  transaction  is  said  to  be  in unmanifest  state. 

                 That  which  is  undifferentiated  and  unmanifest  and  cannot  be  transacted  with  is  called  causal   form  of  matter  which  becomes  the  source  of all  forms  of  matter  and  energy.  . This  causal  form  of  matter  is  called  Maya.  So  before  creation  originated  ,   only  Consciousness ,  which  is  eternal  and  beyond  time  and  space  and  the  causal  matter  called  Maya  existed.   Both  Brahman  and  Maya  are  beginningless  and  have  no  origin. Brahman  is  the  non-material  Consciousness  principle  and  Maya  is  the  material  principle.   Brahman  is  nirguna  while  Maya  potentially  has  properties.   Brahman  is  beyond  time  and  space  and  hence  changeless  , while  Maya , the  material  principle, constantly  undergoes  change . Therefore  Atma/ Brahman  existed  before  creation.   In   relation  to  the  individual  at  the  micro level  , Consciousness  is  called  Atma   and  the  same  Consciousness  is  called  Brahman  in relation  to  the  totality at  the  macro level.  

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