Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Realised Master.

                 The  one  who  is  the  knower  of  the  Self,  who  has  attained  Self  knowledge  and  who  can  now  claim  ' aham brahmasmi'  is  called  a  jivan  mukta - a  liberated  man  in the  here  and  now,  even  while  living. . This  Realised  Master  does  not  anymore  identify  with  his  body-mind complex   as  he  is  identified  with  the  Totality. . He  has  no  feelings  of  insecurity for  he  does  not  depend  on the  world  for  his  peace,  happiness  and  security. . At  the  physical level ,though  of  course  , he  has  to  depend  on things  and  beings , but  at  the  mental  level  he  is  completely  free ,not  depending  on the  world  of  things  and  beings  as  he  is  free  from  all  attachments. . He  too  has  problems  in his  life,  but  he  faces  them  with  equanimity  and  has  the  emotional  strength  to  face  ups  and  downs  in life with  samathvam. . He  enjoys  complete  independence  ,  in the  sense  that  the  presence  or  absence  of  things  do  not  affect  him. . He  has  a  sense  of  fulfilment  in life. . Now  he  knows  he  is  poornaha ,so  he  has  no  sense  of  limitations. 

           He  drops  his  body  when  his  prarabda  karma  gets  exhausted  . His  sanchita  karma  gets  burnt  by  the  fire  of  Self-knowledge  and  agami  karmas  are  avoided  as  he  knows  the  Self  is  akarta  and  abokta  . An   ajnani  travels  from  death  to  death  ,  as  Yamaraj  tells  Nachiketa  in the  Kathopanishad   . For  a  jnani  ,there  is  no  coming  back   after  he  attains  videha  mukti ,  his  three  sharirams  merge  into  the  samashti. .   The  shula  shariram  merges  into  the  shula prapancha,  the  sukshma  sharira  merges  with  the  sukshma  prapancha  and  karana  sharira  in the  karana  prapancha. . He  is  now  one  with  Paramatma/  Brahman. . Just  as  the  river on merging  with  the  ocean  loses  its  individuality ,  the  videha  mukta  merges  with  the  Lord/  Brahman. 

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