Friday, 17 March 2017

The law of karma -part 2

                                                                       HARIH  OM 

                An  important  factor  that  determines  the  karma phalam  is  the  motive  or  intention  behind  the  karma.  Nobody  can  say  when  when  our  karmas  will start  giving  the  phalam, whether  good  or  bad.  It  is  like  the  different  types  of  seeds,   though  planted  on the  same  day,will  grow   into  trees at  different   duration of  time , similarly  ,some  of our actions  will  bear  fruit  immediately,  some  in the  distant  future,  some  in different  life  times.  The  jiva  is  born  again and  again  to  exhaust  the  results  of  his  actions. 

         So  ,the  law  of  karma  presupposes  the  theory  of  reincarnation. Since  all  my  karmas  do not  fructify  in this  life  time , it  automatically  means  that  the  jiva  repeatedly  goes  through  the  cycle  of  birth  and  death to  exhaust  his  karma  phalam.  It  is  only  the  law  of  karma  that  can  explain  the  disparity and  difference  between  people  . A few  are  born  with a  silver  spoon  , a  few  others  have  to  struggle  all  through  their  lives  for  their  minimum  needs  in life. . All  this  can  be  explained  only  with  reference  to  the  karma  phalam  that  one  gets  for  his  actions  done  in the  past  lives.   Nothing  happens  by  chance  or  accident. . Each  individual  goes  through  a  kind  of  life, that  he  himself  created  for  himself  in  past  lives ,exercising  his  free  will. 

      Nobody  can  escape  from  this  law . God  can  never  be  unjust.  He  is  the  karma  phaladata  for  the  actions  done  by  the  individual .. I  may  be  a  very noble  person  doing  only  good  actions  in my  present  life   But  I  may  be  going  through  physical  and  emotional  problems  in my  life  and  so  my  life  may  be  one  filled  with  sufferings  all  the  time. The  only  possible  explanation  for  my  life  being  filled  with  sufferings  inspite  of leading  a  selfless  life  is  that  I am  reaping  the  fruits  of    myown  actions  committed  in  previous  life  times. 

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  1. It is disappointing to comprehend this Madam "Nobody can escape from this law " Then how we can free our selves from our Karma & karma phalam?