Thursday, 16 March 2017

The law of karma.

             The  law  of  karma  in simple  terms  states  " as you sow  ,so  you reap. "  or  we  could  say  " as  your  intentions  , so  your  life ".  . When  any  action   done  by  the  body-mind -intellect  with  a  sense  of  doership  is  called  a  karma. and  every  action  done  with  an  intention  , with  the  sense  of  doership  produces  its  results.  All  that  we  go  through  our  life  are  nothing  but  karma  manifesting  as  karma  phalam.   It  means  that  whatever I  am  experiencing  today ,is  the  result  of  my  own  past  actions. and  hence  it  also  follows  that  whatever  I  do  now  becomes  the  cause  of  my  future  experiences, whether  good  or  bad.  

         The law  of  karma  states  that  the  doer  of the  action  alone  becomes  the  enjoyer  of  the  karma  phalam. . I  do  many  actions  with  a  sense  of  doership , but  the  results  sometimes  do  not  seem  to  be  visible  , some  results  are  indeed  visible. . They are  called  the  adhrishta  phalam  and  dhrishta  phalam. . I  love  to  eat  rasagollas  and I keep  on  eating  them  everyday. The  visible  result  is  weight  gain  and  the  invisible  result  is  that I   create  a  vasana  for  rasagollas  or  for  sweets  in general.   Another  aspect  of  the  law  is  that  nobody  can  say  which  action will  produce  what  kind  of  result   and  in  what  degree   and  in what  manner  and  when  the  actions  will  start   producing   their  results  ,  all  these  nobody  can  say. All  that  we  can  say  is that  we  can  be hundred  percent  sure  that  all  our   actions  done  with a  sense  of  doership  will  produce  their  results   in this  life  or  in  different   life times.  So  to  go  through  a  particular  experience   which  is  the  result  of his   karma , a  person  needs  to  have  a  suitable  body  to  go  through  that  particular  experience  ,  for  example , so  to  exhaust  the  brutal  and  blood  thirsty  tendencies  of  an  extremely  cruel  man  , he  needs  to  be  given  the  body  of  a  ferocious  animal  in  one  of  his  future   births.

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