Friday, 24 March 2017

The three types of karma.

              There  are  three  types  of  karmas-sanchita ,  prarabda  and  agami .karmas . The  sanchita  karmas  are  all the   punyam  and  papam  accumulated  from  all  the  past  janmas.  It  is  not  possible  to  live  without  doing  actions  . The  individual  from  countless  number  of  lives been  collecting  punyam  and  papam  by  doing  actions  with  a  sense  of  doership. They  all  go  to  form  the  accumulated  karmas  called  sanchita  karmas. So  when  we  are  born  ,we  already  carry  a  big and  heavy  bag  of  these  total  karmas.  

          Only  a  portion  from  this  bag  of  karmas  opens  its  account  in this  present  janma  of  the  individual.  So  the  portion  that  is  ready  to  fructify  now  in this  present  janma  of the  individual  is  called  prarabda  karma . Out  of  the  big bag  of  sanchita  karmas  , the  small  portion  that  is  ready  to  give  its  results   in the  form  of  the  type  of  birth, whether  human  or  any  other  creature  ,  and  all  the  various  types  of  experiences  the  individual  has  to  go  through  in this  birth   , are  all called as the  prarabda  karma.  Prarabda  decides  the  type  of  birth,  (  whether  human  or  animals ) ,  prarabda  decides  the  time  and  place  of  birth  of  the  individual ,his  parentage,  his  environment  ,  his  relationship with  others  and  his  life  span  . We  can  say,  whatever  he  goes  through  in this  present  life  is  a  result  of  his  prarabda  karma. . This  is  generally  referred  to  as  fate  or  destiny. . What  I  get  now,  which  is  called  prarabda  karma ,  is  the  result  of  what  I  myself  have  done  in the  past  and  I  am  reaping  the  results  now  . I  have  no  choice  in what  I have to go  through  life but  I  do  have  a  choice  in the  way  I  receive  my  karma  phalam  and  in the  way  I  react  to  it.  

         The  agami  karmas   are  those karmas   that the individual  has  to  face  in the  future.   As  a  human  being  ,an  individual , continues  to  do  fresh   karmas  ,the  results  will  be  seen  in the  future  that  is  not  yet  born , in  this  life  or  in future  births. 

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