Friday, 7 April 2017

Freewill verses destiny , continues


           A  question  is  often   asked about  the  relative  strengths  of  both  freewill  and  destiny. . Fate  , we  have  seen  , is  the  resultant  of  our  own  past  actions  and  in doing  those  actions   in the  past  ,we  had  indeed  exercised  our  freewill. . So  by  exercising  our  freewill  in the  past  ,we  brought  on  the  resultant  fate. . For  acquiring  more  happiness  or  for  reducing  our  sufferings  ,we  have  to  exercise  our  freewill  in the  present. . Sastras  present  four  purusharthas  ,  four  goals  such  as  dharma,  artha  ,  kama  and  moksha. . Unless  we  are  indeed  blessed  with  some  amount  of  freewill,  how  can  we  ever  aspire  to  attain  any  of  these  goals  ?. Without  freewill  a  jivatma  can  never  ever  hope  to  get  liberated from  samsara .  Not  all  aspire  to  achieve  moksha   and  it is  really  a  few   who  develop  the  desire  to  get  liberated  and  hence  have  made  use  of  their  freewill  to  walk  the  path  of  knowledge  ,for  which  ,they have  to  choose  going  to  a  guru  ,get  his  guidance   , get  gnanam  and  be  liberated  . All  this  presupposes  the  blessing  of  freewill  on  every  human  being.   If  there  is  no  freewill  ,then  the  whole  sastric  teaching  becomes  meaningless. 

       Once  ,we  believe  in  freewill ,  we  will  put  in  our  best  efforts  towards  obtaining  any  goal  in  our  life.  . If  on the  other  hand  ,we  think  that  everything  in our  life  is  already  determined  by  our  destiny,  then  we  will  become  fatalistic  and  stop  doing  anything  progressive  in  life  and  in which  case  our  life  will  become  stagnant.  We  are  in  fact  ,the  master  of  our  own  destiny  .  So  it  up  to  us  to  make  it  or  mar  it. . This  is  our  choice  ,  our  freewill. and  this  also  becomes  our  foremost  responsibility  to  exercise  our freewill  at  every  step  in our  life.   

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  1. You said only some of us are interested in moksha.. Is that also preordained or our efforts​ in past lives that determines this?