Sunday, 14 May 2017

Jiva , jagat and Isvara - part 10.

          Scriptures  say  jnanam  eva  moksham  bhavati.  If  moksha  can  be  attained  only  through  jnanam  then  naturally  the  question  arises  why  should  the  seeker  go  through  various  sadhanas  of  karma  yoga  , upasana  yoga   and  also  become  qualified  with  sadhana  chatustaya  .  These  sadhanas  and  the   sadhana  chatustaya  sampatti  are  needed  to  make  the  seeker  fit  enough  to  walk the  path  of  jnanam. These  sadhanas  give  jnana  yogyatha.  by  giving  the  seeker  citta  suddhi  and  chitta  ekagrata.  The  sadhanas  are  not  done  for  gaining  jnanam   and thereby  moksha   but  for  becoming  a  fit  seeker  in the  path  of  jnanam. 

        After  the  seeker  qualifies  himself  to  be  a  fit  candidate ,  he  approaches  a  competent  Guru  and  under  his   guidance  he  goes  through  the  process  of  sravanam  ,which  is  study  of  the  scriptures  for  a  length  of  time  , then  he  has  to  do  mananam  ,which  is  the  process  of  reflection  on  what he  has  already  learned  and  get  all  his  doubts  removed  and  become  convinced  of  the  teachings  of the  scriptures  ,  he  then  contemplates  on the  teachings  to  make  them  his  own  and  this  is  the  process  called  nidhidhyasanam.    He  is  no  more  ignorant  of  his  real  identity. . When  jnanam is  gained  ,  he  has  given  up  his  ignorance  in the  fire  of  knowledge.  . He  is  now  said  to  have  travelled  from  ahankara  bhava ,  to  jivatma  bhava   to  Paramatma  bhava. and  makes  the  final  jump  to  sarvatma  bhava. 

       He  now  realises  his  real  nature  and  that  the  jivatma  is  none  other  than  the  Paramatma and  logically  ,the  next  step  for  him is  to  realise  that  "  I,  the  Self  am  in  all  and  all  are  in  Me , the  Self. . He  understands  that  he  alone  is  in the  form  of everything  in the  universe  as  different  names  and  forms  . So   moksha  is  seemingly " lost " due  to  the  ignorance  of  the  seeker   and  after  gaining  jnanam  ,moksha  is  seemingly  " gained "  through  the  removal  of  ignorance  This  is  what  it  means when   sastras  say  "  asato  maa  sat  gamaya,  tamaso  maa  jyotir  gamaya  , mrityor  maa  amrutam  gamaya ."  Attaining  moksha is  just  removing  the  ignorance  of  my  real  nature and  claiming  my  real  nature as  the  infinite  immortal  Atma. 

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