Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Atma / Brahman -part 7

             Brahman  is  a  mixture  of  Purusha  and  Prakriti  principle. . This  mixture  is  called  Isvara. . This  Isvara  alone  existed  before  the  origination  of  the  world.  Isvara  has  no  beginning.  . Both  Purusha  and  Prakriti  have  some  common  features ,  both  of  them  are  beginningless  principles , and  both  together  become  the  cause  of the  world. ,  the  jagat  karanam.   There  are  four  major  differences  between  the  two  . Purusha  is  a  chetana  tatvam  , while  Prakriti  is  an  achetana  tatvam  , Purusha  is  nirvikara  , Prakriti  is  savikara  ,  Purusha  is  nirguna  and  Prakriti  is  saguna  , and  finally  Purusha  is  satyam  ,having  an  independent  existence  of  its  own  ,while  Prakriti  has  only  dependent  existence  , hence  called  mithya  . 

       Even  space  was  not  there  before  creation , So  it  is  foolish  to  ask  ' where  is  God  located ?'  This  Purusha  is the  basic  consciousness  principle  . Do  not  go  searching  for  it  in the  outer  world.  It  is  " I" ,  the   subject  ,the experiencer,     the  observer ,  the  witness  of  this  world . . That  Consciousness  principle  I  am  . .This Purusha   is  not  located  anywhere. . This  Purusha  is  available  behind  the  body-mind  complex  as  the  sakshi  chaitanyam ,  which  we  refer  to  as the  'I  '.,  the  consciousness  principle.  This  sakshi  chaitanyam  does  not  illumine  as  a  positive  action  but  in its  presence , the  body  gets  illumined  and  the  body  comes  to  believe  it  is  sentient  on its  own !  Consciousness  pervades  every  cell  of  my  inert  body   and  mind  and  makes  them  sentient   because  of   which  my  ears  can  hear,  my  eyes  see  ,  my  mind  thinks  and  so  on. 


  1. I read the atma/brahman 7 parts, very clear and well written, thank you. what is the meaning of "chetana tatvam" and "achetana tatvam"?

  2. also, is it not a superimposition to say that the "I" is the experiencer while at the same time saying it is the witness of this world? sakshi is not the experiencer... , jiva is the enjoyer or experiencer (illumined by Brahman)

  3. yes , you are perfectly correct when you say the jiva is the experiencer or enjoyer. I think , i need to study more on this subject to answer your question.