Friday, 16 June 2017

Atma / Brahman - part 8 .

           There  is a  wonderful  mantra  in the  Kathopanishad  (  2-5-15 ) , which  is  repeated even  today  during  aarti ,in all  temples  in India. . The  mantra  states  that the  sun does  not  shine  there , nor  does  the  moon,  nor   the  stars , nor   the  lightning  ,  much  less  this  small  aarti  I  am  showing  to  the  Lord ,  will  help  light  up  the  light  of  consciousness .  When  He  shines  , everything shines  after  him,  because  of  Him .

      The  realm  of  the  Self,  the  Atma  ,which  is  the  land  of  Absolute  knowledge  , is  the  plane  of  Divine  God  Consciousness  ,  there  is  no  agent  to  light  and  illumine  it.  Just  as  we  need  no  torch  to  lighten  up  the  sun,  similarly  ,  no  light  on this  universe  can  ever  hope  to  lighten  up  that  Divine  Consciousness.  . This  Divine  Consciousness  is  the  substratum  for  all  the  activities  in life. . When  life  leaves  this  body  ,  all  activities  of  the  sense  organs,  the  physical  body,  mind  and  intellect,will  come  to  an  end. . Then  to  that  dead  person  ,  there  is  no  sun,  moon,  stars , the  lightning  ,and  the  light  of  fire.  ,  all  these  lights  make  sense  to a  person  only  as  long  as  there  is  this  consciousness  principle  in him. . So  the  giver  of  all  sources of  life  is  the  Divine  Consciousness,  the  Self,  the  Atma /  Brahman. . Everything  shines  only  by  its  light. 

        What  the  upanishad  wants  to  emphasise  is  that  the  Divine  Consciousness  cannot  be  objectified  by  any  instruments  of  knowledge. , It  cannot  be  illumined  by  anything  in this  universe. . Any  pramanam  ,an  instrument  of  knowledge is  called  light. . In  its  presence  objects  are  known.  So  in the  presence  of  the  sun,  the  moon,  the  stars,  the  lightning,  the  light  of  fire,  the  sense organs  , shabda  , etc , things  are  known.  Brahman  cannot  be  known  through  any  of  these  pramanams .   How  to  know  that  Truth ?

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  1. Brahman being attributeless is still responsible of all that exists , animate & inanimate objects.... point to ponder...can you pls throw some light on this point..