Thursday, 22 June 2017

Atma/ Brahman -part 9

           So  we  have  seen  from  our  the  previous  pages that  Brahman  can  never  be  objectified ,  cannot  be  known  through  any  instruments  of  knowledge  , then  a  doubt  arises   does  that   Brahman  exist  ? Upanishads  explain  that ,  Brahman/  Atman  is  the  very  subject , the  very  conscious  being  ,  the  knower  which  objectifies  everything  but  cannot  be  objectified.  Paramatma  cannot  be  illumined  by  the  small  aarti  that  is  shown  to  Him  during  the  deeparadana  . Upanishad  says  it  is  you  alone  who  are  illuming the  fire  through  the  consciousness  that  is  actually  illuming  the  fire. . Sunlight,  moonlight , stars,  lightning, ,  fire  none  of  them  illumines  consciousness  , but  it  is  Consciousness  that  illumines  all  of  them , makes  the  sunlight  known  and  moonlight   and  everything  else  known. 

         Brahman  is  the  very  subject  " I  " ,the Atma   which  illumines  all  other  lights  in the  world. . Now  a very  important   doubt  arises  in our  minds ,  to  reach  that , and   if  I  have to  get  this  knowledge  that  'aham  brahma  asmi ',  then  how  much  do I  travel  to  reach  that  Truth? . Reaching  Brahman  is  not  a physical   event  which  requires  a  process  or  time. Reaching  Brahman  is  an  intellectual  event  ,which  involves  dropping  the  misconceptions  that  there  is  a  distance  to  be  travelled  to  reach  that  Truth  ,  that  there  is  a  gap  to be  filled  between  that  Brahman  and  me. . When  I  carry  the  misconception  , I  think  that  the  Lord  is  in Vaikunta  or  Kailash  , so  I  look  for  a  travel  to  these  places. . It  is  knowledge  alone  that  can  remove  the  false  notions . Other  than  knowledge  there  is  no  merger  with  the  Lord . Having  merged  with  the  Lord  through  the  aikya  gnanam , there  is  no  coming  back and  that  destination  is  my  own  higher nature  says  the  Lord   in the  Geeta .    

      With  this  the  topic  of  Atma/  Brahman  gets   concluded 

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