Monday, 26 June 2017

Bhaja Govindam -About the author -part 1

      A new  series  of  essays  on  the  life  of  Aadi  Sankaracharya  and  his  famous  composition  the Bhaja  Govindam  , I  hope  to  write  from  now  on. I invoke  the  blessings  of  the  acharya  to  help  me  on this  journey .
         Bhagavadpada  Acharya  Sankara  was  a  great  thinker  and  he  was indeed  the  noblest  of the Advaita  philosophers. . He  appeared  at a  time when  the  Hindu philosophy needed  him to  rejuvenate the  Hindu  religion  and  philosophy. ,for  the  Hindu  society  had  broken  up and  had  become  disunited  after  the  Buddha's  sunyavada  teachings. . It  was  at  this  time  that  the  acharya  tried  to  bring  about  a  revival  in our  Hindu  culture and  philosophy   by  giving  us  the philosophy  of  non-dual  nature of  Brahman  of  the  Upanishads  .

       He  was  born to  Sivaguru and  Aryamba  ,more  than one thousand  two  hundred  years  ago  in Kaladi, kerala.  At  the  age  of  thirty two, he  had finished  his  work and  folded  up  his his  avatara.   Within  his  short  span  of  life , he  wrote  commentaries ( bhashyam ) on ten  Upanishads , the  Bhagavad Geeta,  the  Brahma sutra, he  composed  the  Vivekachoodamani  and  many  other  texts , religious  stotras consisting  of hymns  and  meditative  verses. He  established  four  Maths  in four  corners  of the  country. He  had  four  important  disciples namely:  Padmapada,  Sureshwara , Hastamalaka  and  Totaka.  One  wonders  whether  they  were  the  four  purusharthas  in  human  form ,or  the  four  Vedas,  or  the  four  faces  of  Brahma, the  creator !

      The  sum and  substance  of  the  essence  of  Sankara's  philosophy  ,   was  stated  by  himself  as  "  brahma  satyam,  jagan mithya  , jivo  brahmaiva  na para " . Brahman  the  Absolute   alone  is  real  , this  world  is  unreal  and  the  jiva or  the  individual  soul  is  not  different  from Brahman. 

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