Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bhaja Govindam- the philosophy of Sankara - part 2

       The  essential  teaching of  Aadi Sankara  was  stated  by  himself  as  "  brahma  satyam,  jagan mithya , jivo brahmaiva na para ". Brahman  , the  Absolute , alone  is  real,  this  world  is  unreal  and  jiva, the  individual  sou is  no  different  from Brahman. . Brahman  / Atma  indicates  the  Absolute Reality ,which  is  non-dual  ,  advaitam. . The  supreme  Brahman  is  nirvikara,  nirguna,  nirvisesha   and  eka  and satyam. . Brahman  is  the  witnessing  subject  and  can  never  be  the  object  of  our  knowledge.  Brahman  is  Sat-Cit- Ananda  principle. 

    The  acharya  emphasised  that  the  only  way  to  realise  that  Brahman  is  through  jnanam  alone. . To  be a qualified   person  for  entering  the  path  of   gnanam  , he  prescribed  the  fourfold  qualification  called  sadana  chatustaya  sampatti.  He  considered  Bhakti  as  a step  to secure  the  grace  of  the  Lord to  finally  reach  the  state  of  oneness  with  the  Lord  /  Brahman.  He  also  gave  importance to   karma  ,to selfless  actions  done  with  a  detached  mind  for  gaining  purity  of  mind.   Brahman  is beyond  the  reach  of the  senses,  mind  and  intellect , hence  the  Brihadaranyaka  Upanishad  declares  ,'neti, neti, ,  not  this,  not  this  '.  It  is  the  essence  of  the  knower, the  seer,  the  transcendental  Truth,  the  Turiyam  , the  silent  witness  .  The  acharya  accepted  the  concept  of saguna  and  nirguna  Brahman  . The  same  nirguna  Brahman  appears  as  the  saguna  Brahman  for  the  worship  of  the  devotees.  Nirguna  Brahman  is  the  highest  Truth  seen  from  the  Paramarthika  standpoint,  while  saguna  Brahman  is  seen  as  Truth  from  the  vyavaharika  stand point. 

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