Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 1 continued-part 7

        The  term ' bhaja'  we  have  seen  means  worship  and  it is  not  a  mechanical  chanting  of  any  name  of the  Lord. . We  have  seen  there  are  nine  different  ways  in which  a  bhakta  can  worship  the  Lord  ,to  express  his  love  and  devotion  to  Him. . So  bhajan  is  an expression  of  the  devotee's  true  surrender in love  and  devotion  to  one's  own  ishta  devata. 

        The  term  ' Govinda  ' in this  verse  appears  twice  in the  Vishnusahasranama.  Govinda  is  the  highest  Reality. . The  acharya  says  'seek  Govinda'  three  times because  the  human  mind  revels in the  three  material  layers  of  the  body, mind  and  intellect  and  comes  to  identify with   these  as  the  Real  Self.    Govinda  refers  to  Lord  Vishnu -the Supreme  Reality.  So  he  says  seek  the  identity  with  Him,  the  Supreme  and  do not  waste  your  life  over  subtler  pursuits  of acquisition  and  enjoyment  . Therefore  the  implied  meaning  is  withdraw  the  mind  from  its  preoccupation  with  the  world and  direct  it  to  the  Supreme  Self,  the  Govinda  residing  in the  secret  cave  of   your  heart.  The  term  Govinda  means  the  one  who  finds  or  knows  the earth,  meaning, one  who  has  realised  the  substratum   upon  which  the  whole  drama  of  life is  going  on  ,  secondly, He  is  the  Lord  of  the  cattle  ,here  it  does  not  refer  to  Him  merely  as  the  cowherd  boy  of  Vrindavan  , but  He  is  the  one  behind  all  our  animal  passions. , thirdly,  He  is  the  One  that  blesses  us  humans  with  the  power  of  speech to  communicate  with  each  other, fourthly,  He  is known  through  the  Mahavakyas  which  proclaim  His  glories . Govinda  stands  for  the  Absolute  Reality  , the  Absolute  Truth  ,  He  is  Brahman  of  the  Upanishads 

      So  the  sum  and  substance  of  this  verse  is  that  the  acharya  expresses  an  urgency  in telling  us  not  to  waste  our  lives  over mundane  joys   or  learning  grammar rules but  to  seek  Him   and  His  Grace. 

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