Friday, 28 July 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 2 part 2

       We  saw  in the  last  page,  the  acharya  is  telling  us, seekers,  to  give  up  our  thirst  to possess  wealth.  Now  a  doubt  may  arise  in our  minds as  to  how  we  can  give  up all  our  desire  for  wealth .  We  do  need  wealth  in some  form  or the  other for  our  very  survival  ,for  fulfilling  our  daily  needs like  food  ,shelter  and  clothing .  Vedanta  is  never  against   earning  money  . Vedanta  tells  us  only  to  give  up  our  thirst  , the  craving  or  greed  for  more  and  more wealth  ,which  then makes  us  slaves  of  the  material  wealth  , in  fact  , we  have  to remain  masters  over  our  possessions. 

     This  greed  for  wealth  can  be given  up  only  by  shifting   our  minds to  subtler  aspects  of  life.  When  we  engage  our  minds in thoughts  of  God/ Self  ,  the  lower  aspects  of  our  personality  like  anger, desire  , greed  etc  will  fall  off  on their  own  .  In  this  verse , the  term 'wealth '  is  to  be  understood  to  include  all  worldly  objects  of  possession  ,with  which  the  possessor  in us  feels  a  temporary  satisfaction .  So  the  acharya  says  cleanse  the  mind off  its  lust  for  objects  ,  greed  for  possessions  ,  covetousness  for  wealth   and  divert  the  mind in  contemplation  on the  Lord  which  will  help  us in 
  giving  up  lust  and  greed  and  live  in joyous  contentment  and  satisfaction  with  what  we get  as  result  of  our  action. 

     We  seek  satisfaction  in life through  acquiring  and  hoarding  more  and  more  wealth , but  we  fail  to  see  that  they  fulfill  us  only  temporarily  and  the  thirst  returns  to  force  us  to  acquire  and  hoard  more  and  more wealth. . This continues  chasing wealth,  mercilessly  torments  us all  through  our  lives. To  come  out  of  this  vicious  cycle ,we  have  to  discover  contentment  within ourselves. . We  should  acquire  wealth  only  through  honest  means   and  not  feed  on  greed  or  covetousness  ,which  would  often  make  us  acquire  wealth  by  dishonest  means.   Only  then  we  can  find  peace  and  happiness in life  and  only   in  such  a  peaceful  mind  that  contemplation  of  the  Self  is  possible. 

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