Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bhaja govindam- verse 2 part3

             In  the  7th  verse  of  the  Vivekachudamani,  acharya  Sankara  ,quotes  the  famous  statement  of  the  Brihadaranyaka  Upanishad that  the  Deathless  and  the  Imperishable  can  never be  gained through  the  possession  of  wealth.  and   there  is  no hope  of  immortality by  means  of  wealth. . The  word' immortality '  here  indicates  not  a  continuous and  monotonous living  in  joy  in a  lazy  yonder  there, but  a  perfection  here within  ourselves wherein  we  experience  peace  and  tranquility.  This  peace  ,says  the  acharya  , cannot  be  gained through  wealth (  vittam )  of  sense  objects.   Here  wealth  refers  to  the  wealth  that  gives us  immediate  experience   and  it  is  the  sense  objects  that  directly  convey  experiences  to  us  from  the  external  world. . Hence  a  continuous  and  infinite experience  of  tranquility cannot  be  gained  through  the  sense  objects. 

      So  when  the  mind  is  freed  from  passion  ,  one  is  asked  to  meditate  upon  the  Lord.  When  the  mind  is  withdrawn  from  its  present  preoccupation  with  wealth , it  becomes  empty and  such  an  empty  mind  then  comes  to  be  filled  with  thoughts  of  the  Divine.  There  is  no  end  to desires , because  when  a  particular  desire  gets  fulfilled  , the  mind  remains  satisfied  just  for  a  short  while  as  it  experiences  peace   but  the  restless  and  ever  craving  mind  jumps  over  to  get  newer   and  newer  desires  fulfilled  through  the  power  of  wealth.  But  such  a  person  entertaining  desires  can  never  find  satisfaction  in  life because  wealth  can  purchase  only sense  gratifications.  Attachment  to  his  wealth  brings  sorrow because  he  has  to  find  ways  and  means to  preserve  what  he  has  acquired . So  the  struggle  for  acquiring  wealth  and  preserving  it  ,goes  on  all  through  his  life. . Lord  Krishna  says   in the  Geeta  ' surrender  unto  Me  and  I  will  take  care  of  you,  by  giving  you  what  you need  and  protecting  what  you  have '  "  Yogakshemam  vahamyaham  "  says  the  Lord. 

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