Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Bhaja Govindam-verse 2 part4

         The  Isavasya Upanishad  starts  as  follows  ' isavasyam  idam  sarvam'.  meaning  all  that  comes  as  our  experience is  pervaded  by  Isvara. , like  the  clay  pervades  the  clay pot.  Isvara  is  the  upadana karana  of  this  universe ,so  the  cause  appears  as  names  and  forms.,that  the  world  is  just merely  names  and  forms  with  no independent  existence or  reality.   When  we  go  through  life  with  this  Isvara  dhrishti,  we  are  free  from  sorrows  . Now  the  question  arises as to  how to  maintain this  Isvara  dhrishti ,  which  is  advaita  dhrishti , at all  times? The  Upanishad  says  that  after  gaining  this  knowledge , you  protect  yourself  by  not  accumulating more  and  more  wealth ,  having  more  relationships   but  only  by  tyaga you  can  protect  yourself  that  is   remain  in this  Isvara  dhrishti . 

       The  Brihadaranyaka  Upanishads  talks  about  three  types  of  desires:  putreshana,  vitteshana  and  lokeshana.  Wealth  is  desired for  what  it  can  buy  us,  son is  desired  for  going  to  higher  lokas  ,so  they  both  can  be  classified  as  sadhana ,the  means,  while  the  third  desire  becomes   the  sadhyam  ,what  you  get  from them,  the  pleasures  and  experiences  .  It  is  only through  vairagyam  you  can  protect  yourself  from these  desires.   The  upanishad  says  you  are  running  after  worldly  objects  as  though  they  are  real . ,protect  yourself  from  the  mithya  jagat. . Do not  covet  others  wealth  ,  do not  hold  on to  someone  else's  wealth . . Even  after  the  understanding  has  come, the  lingering desire  for   others wealth  might  still  be  there . So  give  up   your  desire for  wealth .  Only  as  long  as the  bhedbhav  is  there,  one  comes  to  desire  for  others  wealth,  when  the  advaita  bhava  comes  ,then  everything  is  mine  and also at the  same  time  , everything  is  everyone's  attitude  comes. Then you  stop  being  greedy  for  more and  more  wealth  and  stop  craving  for  others wealth also.   

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