Friday, 18 August 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 3 part 3

      Among  the  six  disciplines  in the  sadhana  chatustaya  sampatti,  one  of  them  is  sama  -mind  control  or  calmness  of  the  mind , which  can  be  achieved  only  when  the  mind  withdraws  itself  from  the  external  world  of  objects  and  draws  the  mind  within. . Usually  our  minds  get  agitated  because  of  various  desires  that  strike  the  mind  for  the  sense  objects.  Even  when  the  mind  is  withdrawn   from  the  sense  objects  , it  continues  to  revel  in  the  pleasures  gained  from  them. . So  the  mind  by  constant  practice  has to  be  diverted  from  its  pleasure outings  to  diviner  fields.  In  bhakti  , the  devotee puts his  whole  mind on  concentrating  his  mind  upon  his  Ishta  devata   and  this  helps  him  gradually  to  withdraw  his  mind  from  its  pursuits  of  sense  objects. 

     In  the  path  of  jnana  yoga  ,the  mind  is  given  an  alternative  field  of  contemplation  , that  of  contemplating  upon  the all  pervading  consciousness  principle  , also  called  as  Brahman  / Atma.  Here  also , as  in  bhakti  yoga,   the  mind  gets  weaned  away  from  entertaining  thoughts  of  the  sense  objects. The  mind  in these  sadhanas  ,whether  in  bhakti  yoga  or  in jnana  yoga  ,  never  forcefully  drops  the  desires  , because  the  mind  develops  vairagya  and  the  desires  for  sense  objects  fall  off  on  their  own  from  the  mind  because  the  mind  has  got  attached  to  diviner  fields.  The  intellect  becomes  aware  of  the  imperfections  and  weaknesses  in the  field  of  objects . The  more  and  more  one  practices  these  sadhanas , one  gains  self  control  and  stops  revelling  in the  sense  objects . So  in this  third  verse  the  acharya  is advising  us  to  withdraw  the  mind  from  the  sense  objects  ,through  constant  practice . This   is what  is  meant  when  the  acharya  says  'varam  , varam'  here. 

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