Friday, 25 August 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 4 part-3

                In  the  Vivekachudamani  , acharya  Sankara  says three  things  are  very  rare. -durlabam - to  be  born  as a  human  being, to have  a  burning  desire  for  Moksha  and to  surrender  to a  man  of  wisdom. . Human  birth  is  very  rare. This  is  not  our  first  birth  , we  definitely have  gone  through  thousands  of  lives  as  different  types  of  animals  , and  by  the  Grace  of  the  Lord  only  we  are  now  blessed  to  have  a  human  birth  . But  this  birth , as in other  different  types  of  birth , is  ephemeral  and  fleeting  and  can  be  snatched  away  any  time  by  Lord  Yama, the  God  of  death, when  He  so chooses . Hence  the  acharya  says  employ  this  life in a  deep  discriminative  understanding  of  the  goal  of  life and  perceive  the  futility  of  all  mundane  pursuits  of  life. . So  taking  to  the  path  of redemption  is  rarer  still  and  rarer  still  it  is  to find  a  proper  Guru  and  have  the  shraddha  to surrender  unto  him.  and  all  this  happens  only  by  the  grace  of  the  Lord. 

       Let  not  anyone  think  that  the  grace  of  the  Lord  falls  down  on us  from  a  packet  in the  skies  at  the  whims  and  fancy  of  the  Lord. . In  Vedanta,  Grace  is  to  be  understood  as  the  sum total  of  all  results  gained  through  healthy  and  intelligent  way  of living  in which  man  has  lived all  his  previous  lives following  disciplines  and  not  squandered  away  the  precious  life  in unhealthy  pursuits  of  wealth  and  pleasures.  So  the  acharya  says  in the  Vivekachudamani  that  if  after  being  born  as  a human  being  if he  squanders  his  life  in chasing  pleasures of  the  world   and  not  seek  the  life  Divine  ,then  it  is  equal  to  committing suicide. By  his false  attachments  to the  world  of  objects  and  beings  ,he  forgets  his  real  nature  , he  looks  for  permanent  happiness  from  impermanent  things.  So  he  becomes  a  samsari  ,a  victim  of  his  own  ignorance. . This  the  acharya  calls  as  spiritual  suicide. 

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