Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 4

            In  the  fourth  verse , the  acharya  states :  the  water drops  playing on a  lotus  petal has an  extremely uncertain  existence , so  also  is  life  so  unstable . understand  that the  world  is  consumed  by desire  and  conceit  and  is  riddled  by pangs  of  sorrow. . Acharya  is  trying  to  make  us  understand  how  ephemeral  and  short lived  is  the  life  of  an  individual  . Life  has  all  kinds  of  experiences  , both  pleasant  and  unpleasant  , but  mostly  it  is  riddled  with  pain,  sorrow  and  suffering. . The  acharya  is  comparing  the  transitoriness  of  an  individuals's  life to  that  of  little  water  drops  on the  lotus  petals and  the  waterdrops  can  fall  off any  moment  from  the  lotus  petal. . Similarly  , everything  in life,  why  life  itself  is  so  uncertain  that  nobody  knows  when  the  bell  will  toll  for  him  and  snatch  away  his  life  in a  fraction  of a  second  for  Lord  Yama  does  not  serve  any  notice  before  he  comes. 

      Even  in the  midst  of  this  uncertain  short  life span  ,he  is  continuously  affected  by  diseases and  goes  through  physical  pain and  suffering  because  of  the  prarabda  karmas.  The  intellect  fights against  the  attacks  by  different  types  of  desires. . Most  of  the  time  the  intellect  loses  its  discriminative  powers and  fails  in controlling  the  desires.  Actually, in this  verse,  the  acharya  has  two  important  things  to  say.  First  he  points  out  to  the  individual  to  understand  the  ephemeral  nature  of  life  and  hence  his  impending  mortality. . In  the  second  half  of  the  verse,  he  talks  about  the  world  which  is  as  though  ridden  with  pain. . So  the  seeker  has  to  develop  a  pratipaksha  bhavana towards  his  own  uncertain  existence  and  the  sorrow  filled  world. 

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