Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bhaja Govindam- verse3

            From  the  days  of the  Upanishads to  our  own  times , we  find  Sastras give  us  a  warning to  give  up  greed  for  wealth and  the  passion  (  lust )  for  women.. Here  the  term  'woman   ' has  to  be  understood  as  any  object of pleasure. . The  whole  of  mankind  from  time  immemorial  works  for  sukha  prapti  and  dukkha  nivritti - attainment  of  happiness  and  escape  from  pain. and . man's  sense  of  insecurity  born  out  of his feelings  of incompleteness  and  finitude ,makes  him  run after  wealth ,and  he  builds  a  cover over  himself with  wealth  and  money. . When  a  certain  amount  of  wealth  is  acquired  to  satisfy  his  basic  essential  necessities  like  food  ,shelter, clothing  ,  his  mind  now  goes  in search  of  attaining  happiness  through  sense  objects.  Sastras  are  never  against  acquiring  wealth nor  against  finding  pleasures  from  the  objects  of  the  world. That's  the  reason  why  artha-kama  are   two  purusharthas  accepted  by  the  Sastras.(  the  other  two  purusharthas  are  dharma and  moksha ).  All  legitimately  earned  wealth  ,Sastras  accept  and   all  legitimate  material  and  sensual  pleasures  too  are  accepted . 

       In  the  3rd  verse  the  acharya  says " seeing  the  bosom  and  navel  of  a  woman ,do not   fall  a  prey  to  frenzied  delusion . It  is  only  a  modification  of  flesh  and  fat etc. Reflect  on  this  over  and  over  again  in  your  mind "  . We  saw  that  man  is  driven  by  two  powerful  forces all  through  his  life that  of  the  desire  to  acquire  and  the  desire  to  enjoy.  Let  us  understand  the  word ' woman '    from  a  higher  point  of  you.   The term  'woman  ' is  only  a  symbolic  representation  of  all  objects  of  enjoyment.  The  acharya  would  not  have  used  the  term  woman   only  to  mean  the  female  among  the  human  species.  Hence it  can  refer  to  a  man seen  from  a  woman's  point  of  view. . So  let  us  understand  the  term  'woman'  in the  context  of  the  verse as  representing  all  enjoyments  derived  from  the  sense  objects. 
            The  explanations  on this  verse  continue.....

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