Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 7 part 2

          We  have  seen  how  man  wastes  his  whole  life  in play, passion  and  worry. When  he  is  old  , even  then  he does not  have  any  inclination  towards enquiry  about himself, the  world  or  God.  He either has  regrets  about  his  past  or  worries  about  his  future. . The  acharya  is  showing  a lot  of  concern  and  anxiety  ,when  he  finds  man  without  any  higher  pursuits  in life . He  wonders  if  such  a  person  will  ever  turn  his  attention  to  know that  there  is  a  higher  way  of  life  and  a  higher  path to  pursue  ,because  man  is  generally  busy  running  after  mundane  things  in life. 

      Animals  are  programmed  to  live  their  life  governed  by  their  instincts.  Human  beings  alone are  blessed  with  an  intellect  to  think of  higher  things  and   strong  emotions  to  develop   love and  devotion  to  God.  He  alone  is  blessed  with a  freewill to  choose  to  live  his  life  in the  pursuit  of  Truth  / God. . Sastras  present  before  us  four  purusharthas -dharma ,artha,  kama  and  moksha  and  attaining  moksha  is  the  only  mission  in a  man's  life.  Alas , instead  he  wastes  his  whole  life  in the  pursuit  of running  after  mundane  pleasures . The  acharya  is  seriously  concerned  about  each  one  of us  when  he  tells  us  to  get  attached  to  Truth/ God  and  get  detached  from  worldly  objects  of  pleasure.  Seek  Govinda  and  attain  the eternal  happiness  and  fulfilment  in life  even  while  living.  

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