Friday, 22 September 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 7

              In  the  7th  verse  ,the  acharya  says "so  long  as  childhood  lasts ,one  is  attached  to  play, so  long as  youth lasts  ,one  is  attached to  the  opposite  sex , so  long  as  old  age  lasts  one  is  attached  to  worry  , so  who  is  ever  attached  to  the  Supreme  Reality ?". The biography  of  man  can  be  summarised  in to  three  stages  of  his  life -childhood  , youth and  middle  age , and  old  age. 

       In  childhood  ,the  child  is  fully  preoccupied with its  toys  and  play . His  mind  can  never  think  of  anything  else other  than  his  toys  and  all through  the  day  he  keeps  himself  busy  playing  with  his  toys  and  friends. . When  youth  comes,  due  to  changing  hormones  in his  body,  he  develops  a  passion  for  the  opposite  sex  and  he  has  no  more  desire  for  play  or  the  toys with  which  he  was  attached  so  much !  Now  his  only  passion    in life  then  becomes  his  partner  and  he  runs  after  her  and  tries  his  best  to  keep  her  happy  by  fulfilling  all  her  desires (  it  is  the  other  way  round  if  you  are  a  woman ) . He  also    develops  desires  to  earn  money  , power,  name and  fame  and  so  on  and  so  his  whole  youth  his  lived  only  in pursuing  these  dreams 

      Even  as  old  age  is  approaching  and  as  he  retires  from  his  career  ,  he  finds  his  body  is  becoming  old and  weak  , yet  he  continues  to  entertain  various kinds  of  desires knowing  fully  well that  it  is  impossible  for  him  to  get  his  desires  fulfilled . He  has  plenty  of  time  at  his  disposal  to  do  so  many  worthwhile  things  in life  like  taking  up the  study  of the  scriptures  but  no his mind   has  no  inclination  for  that  . Instead  , he  sits  alone  worrying  about  his  ageing  body  and  about  so  many  things  which  have  no  meaning  in his  life. 

    The  acharya  is  asking  each  one  of  us  as to  when  will  we  ever  find  time  for  enquiring  about  the  Supreme  Reality ?  

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