Monday, 25 September 2017

Bhaja Govindam -verse 8 part1

           In  verse 8 , the  acharya  says : who  is  your  wife    ? who  is  your  son ?  Supremely  wonderful is  this  samsara . . To  whom do  you  belong   and  who  are  you  and  from where  have  you  come ? Oh , brother  , reflect  on that Truth  here.  The  two  words  wife , or  the  husband  as  the  case  may  be, and  the  son  have  a great  implication.   Wife / husband  stands  for  all  our  attachments to  the  whole  range  of  relationships  we  have  in this  world  and  the  son  stands   for  the  products  of  our  attachments.  Besides  your  spouse , you  get  attached  to  wealth  and  power .  Then  a  second set  of  attachments  arise  from  the  above  attachments   . We  may  get  attached  to the  material   comforts  that  come  from  the  wealth  we have  and  name  and  fame  from power we have  acquired . , then  we  may  get attached  to our  own  religion   /country   and  develop  fanaticism. . A lot  of  religious  wars  were  waged  in the  middle  ages killing  innocent  lives. 

      So  the  two  terms  wife  and  son  refer  to  all  our  worldly attachments   and  we  come  to  suffer   because  of  these  attachments  and  become  fully  dependent  on these for  our  happiness  and  since  everything  in the  world  is  temporary  and  hence   subject  to  arrival  and  departure , they  leave  us  in sorrow  when  they  depart. . So  all  our  life  we  become  a  helpless  slave  to  our  attachments.  The  acharya  is  telling  us  to  rise  above  these  attachments   and  our  weaknesses   towards  holding   onto  them. . He  does  not  ask us  to  give  up  our  possessions    but  our  attitude  of  possessiveness towards  them . Possessing  things  does  not  create  any  problem  but getting  attached  to  them  creates  the  problem  of  samsara. 

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